The Pros and Cons of Refinancing Your Mortgage

One of the most common questions that people have when considering refinancing their home is: will it be worth it? The answer to this question depends on whether you need to do so for financial reasons or simply looking for a lower interest rate.

If your current mortgage has an interest rate that is significantly higher than what’s available in the market, then refinancing could mean big savings on your monthly payments.

But if you’re just going through with a refinance because rates are low and you won’t be able to cover the closing costs and other fees, then it may not make sense financially.

This article breaks down all of the pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s the right move.

Pros of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Your monthly payments could be lower.

You may have access to a larger loan amount, which would allow you to buy or sell more homes than before.

The new interest rate on your mortgage is likely going to be much lower than the one currently holding it back from performing better in terms of its annual percentage rate (APR).

The most common refinance is a home equity loan, which will allow you to access the equity in your property for other purposes like paying off debt or building up an emergency fund.

Cons of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Closing costs and other fees related to refinancing can add up quickly, eating into any money that was saved by getting a lower interest rate.

If you’re simply looking for a low interest rate but not because rates are high enough to offset closing costs and/or other associated fees, then there’s no need to refinance.

You may not be able to get a new mortgage with the same interest rate if your home doesn’t have sufficient equity now – or at any point during this loan term, for that matter.

Refinancing might mean moving up closer to retirement age before being eligible for FHA financing again (which is generally more affordable than it used to be).

If rates go even lower after refinancing and are below current market values, then you would need to repay the debt from your own funds to take advantage of those lower rates.

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When to Work With an Expeditor in Real Estate

What is an expeditor? Real estate professionals often choose to hire an expeditor when they have a highly complex transaction or multiple properties involved. An expeditor helps the realtor negotiate and close deals more quickly by taking care of the logistics. Expeditors may also be hired for significant transactions with multiple parties who do not live in the same area as their property.

What Does An Expeditor Do?

An expeditor negotiates and closes deals more quickly by taking care of the logistics. They may also be able to help you find some of the furnishings for your new home.

How Does An Expeditor Help With A Transaction?

Expeditors will help you find vendors such as contractors, painters, landscapers, and cleaners. They will also make sure that the property is ready to be shown at a moment’s notice.

Why Hire An Expeditor?

Expeditors are beneficial for complicated transactions or if there are multiple properties involved in one transaction. They can help you find vendors for your project depending on what work needs to be done, such as contractors, painters, landscapers, and cleaners who can get the job done efficiently with little required oversight from you.

If you need an expeditor, it may not always be easy without prior research into which ones specialize in different areas. Still, this could give you more options when choosing between various service providers, including those who only offer certain types of services or have a bias toward specific clients.

Expeditors are also helpful for those who just don’t have the time to manage their real estate transactions and need someone else’s help with property showings, finding new tenants, or deal negotiation. Expediters can be an excellent resource if you’re tasked with a short timeline that requires quick action to meet deadlines.

The number one time you may want to hire an expeditor is when there’s a short-term deadline that requires follow-up and speedy action. 

Expeditors can save their clients’ time while they usually earn theirs based on how many tasks each one completes successfully over the long term. The best thing about working with an expeditor in real estate transactions?

They’re easy to come by these days, as more professionals are jumping into this career field! Whether it be finding a new tenant or negotiating deals for buyers and sellers – they do it all!

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Last-Minute Projects to Do Before Selling a Condo

If you’re getting ready to sell your condo, you’re going to need to invest some time, money, and a little elbow grease before putting it on the market. Everything you do to prepare your condo to go on the market will influence the final sale price. The following are a few important items to focus on before you try and sell your condo.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Clutter makes your home look messy and unattractive. Cleaning up the clutter doesn’t just make your home look more attractive to potential buyers, it can also add over $2,500 to your home’s value. But instead of taking your clutter and just hiding it out of sight, take the opportunity to sort through everything and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. A good general rule is if you haven’t used an item in the past six months, get rid of it.

Fix Everything That’s Broke – Even The Small Stuff

It’s easy to focus on fixing the big stuff, like home appliances and HVAC systems, but the small things need attention too. For example, change the burnt-out lightbulb in the closet you’ve been ignoring. Also, get that leaky faucet fixed. The idea is to not give buyers any reason to suspect your condo might be a “fixer-upper.” Making all those little repairs before you put your condo on the market will help give potential buyers a great first impression.

Make Your Condo Boring

You want every potential buyer that walks through your condo to imagine themselves living there. But that’s hard to do if too much of your personality is showing. Take down your family photos because it prevents buyers from seeing the home as their own. The same goes for trophies, children’s artwork on the refrigerator, and any other mementos you have laying around. Replace these items with some tasteful paintings on the walls and a vase of flowers on the table.

Spruce Up The Place

Sprucing up your condo means fixing any cosmetic problems it might have. This includes painting any walls that are scuffed and scratched, getting your carpet steam cleaned to remove those old stains, cleaning the windows, and so forth. Yes, this will take some work on your part but it will make a huge difference

Timing Is Everything

If you know you’re going to be selling your condo, make a list of things to do and get started on it right away. You don’t have to get it finished in a weekend, even a little each week can make a big difference. But if you need to sell your condo in a hurry, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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5 of New York City’s Most Iconic Buildings

As one of the most famous cities in the world, New York City is also home to a long list of buildings with iconic status. In addition to being visually attractive, these buildings also carry storied histories and are beloved by both residents and visitors.

Statue of Liberty

This monument symbolizes freedom for people all over the world. Gifted to the United States by the French, it has stood since 1886, and was the first sign of a new life in America that many immigrants saw when first entering the country. While it was closed to the public for several years following the September 11th terrorist attacks, it reopened in 2009 and hosts millions of visitors each year.

Radio City Music Hall

The bright lights of Radio City Music Hall have been welcoming visitors for almost 90 years. Legendary performances have taken place there, and the building represents the ultimate level of success for performing artists. The intricate details that make up the interior, especially the grand staircase, are just as awe-inspiring as the eye-catching exterior of the building.

One World Trade Center

Standing on the site of the original World Trade Center complex that was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, One World Trade Center represents resilience and victory over tragedy. It took several rounds of designs to build, but it was finally completed in 2014, and now stands as the tallest building in New York City.

Empire State Building

Inspired by beautiful Art Deco styling, the Empire State Building is synonymous with New York City. Upon completion in 1931, it surpassed the Chrysler Building as the world’s tallest skyscraper, a title which it held until the 1970s. A New York City skyline stand out, it has been made famous in numerous movies and television shows.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is a stunning sight to behold, and while it is best known as one of the most famous train stations in the world, the interior of the building holds a great deal of mystery. There are secret tunnels, bunkers, and hidden spaces, not to mention the Whispering Gallery that is a fascinating architectural creation.

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The Best Wineries between Brooklyn and the Finger Lakes

In the recent past, the New York state has emerged to become the powerhouse of wine production. However, the state has not always been producing wine, for there was a time when New York State was only producing sweet concord ice wine. Finger Lakes and Brooklyn host more than 2,000 wineries. Here are some of the best wineries in Brooklyn and Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes

1. Ravines Wine Cellars

Seneca Lake’s rustic winery shows that Finger Lake is amazing when it comes to winery though it is not as famous as Napa. The natural beauty of green vines and Seneca Lake is enough to make grape lovers stay a few days longer, even without minding the wine’s taste.

2. Boundary Breaks

The new winery near Seneca wine trail produces Riesling grapes grown on-site. The grapes are fermented and produced in different forms, from sweet to super dry. Red wine lovers are also taken care of as Boundary has fruit-forward cabernet franc.

3. Vineyard Views

A family-friendly farm characterizes vineyard views. The place has a panorama scene of grapevines and hills that make it look peaceful. Vineyard views have tasting rooms and wine shops. The area has warm weather that encourages day and evening walks.

Hudson Valley Wineries

1. Benmarl Winery

People thinking of upstate visits should consider the benchmark. Benmarl is small-scale production that focuses on producing small types of New York wines. The wines stretch from bacor noir and cabernet place. Benmarl is known for the ship lantern inn that has varieties of winery meals.

2. White Cliff Vineyard and Winery

The winery is named after the white cliffs found in the area, characterized by a tasting room and shady picnic grove. The winery has fruity Vidal Blanc and oak fermented chardonnay. The regular fair price flights make the place more attractive.

3. Mile Estate

Mile estate is a small vineyard of about 98 acres. However, the winery has created a name for itself by participating in the Dutchess county wine trail. Mile estate winery makes plummy merlot and crisp chardonnay.

Brooklyn and Finger Lakes have the best wines. Each winery has a unique way of producing its wine. Wine lovers can visit the area to enjoy the varieties.

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Online Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2021

The pandemic has led to online business in many fields, including real estate. Real agents are unable to have a physical meeting with their clients due to COVID rules. The good thing is that the pandemic has enabled many people to realize the richness of technology they ignored. Here are some online tools that real estate can utilize.


The WiseStamp helps real estate agents to design professional signatures for emails. The agent has an alternative to use the available templates. They can also choose to create a template from scratch. Amazingly, the email signatures are compatible with Gmail and Microsoft office outlook. The dashboard enables real estate agents to create branded marketing campaigns.


Propertybase is an ideal tool for a real estate agent. Propertybase has marketing tools such as email, website, and social media. The marketing studio has marketing automation that allows the real estate agent to create branded campaigns and follow-up leads. Furthermore, it has a customer relationship management segment that helps the agent improve the customer experience. Some of the features in Propertybase include managing listing and following up with texts.


Canva is important for non-tech real estate agents. Canva helps the user to create everything they need for their real estate online marketing. An agent can create stationery, business card, and social media campaigns, which can be modified to meet the agent’s needs. A remarkable thing about Canva is that one can create a graphic design from scratch. Some of the exciting features in the Canva include an extensive template gallery, printable products, and a chance to make the desired design.

Instagram TV

Instagram TV helps the agent to showcase their properties. Instagram is an essential tool because it has more than one billion subscribers. Therefore, the agent gets a chance to address the targeted audience. Agents who use Instagram television have an opportunity to develop their presence and grow their following. The best part is that the agent can share short and long videos about their offer. Therefore, they increase the chance of getting more clients.

Knowing the right tools for real estate agents is essential for their success. WiseStamp, Propertybase Canva, and Instagram have proved to be useful for real estate agents.

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The Best Meals In and Around Penn Station

Finding yourself at the Penn station can be an exciting moment until it’s time to find a meal. Considering the current pandemic globally, you are likely to find no open restaurant. That’s when it starts dawning on you that you need to seek the best alternatives.

There is no other better option apart from getting the best meal in and around the station. If you don’t know the best that you deserve, this article will serve you with it. Keep reading so that you don’t get stranded on what to choose once you are there. Consider the following meals if you need the best in and around Penn station.

Salumeria Biellese

Don’t worry about how unprepared you are. Salumeria Biellese is always at the station to form part of the diet. Even though the Italian Sulumeria now manufactures its dishes in a different place, the station is the best pick up point. You will find a fantastic and delicious dish there.

The one that is liked most by the majority of the travelers is ghostly white chicken valdostana. You will never be disappointed if you opt to pick Salumeria Biellese.

Penn sushi

If you are looking for a meal that you can eat at a great convenience, then Penn Sushi is one that won’t disappoint you. Eating while out of the train or inside may be tedious, considering the anxiety you may be having. However, Penn Sushi takes care of all that.

You don’t have to worry much about the best meal while in the Penn station, yet Penn Sushi is available at your convenience. That justifies why most Penn bars in the railway station or even the subways in Japan.

Aaron’s Thai and Chinese

Do you wish to eat well prepared Thai chicken wings and Chinese fried pork rice? Aaron’s Thai is the best for you. The meal will serve your diet well, especially if they sandwich by wonton soup. Picking the meal will give you the delicacy you deserve.
There are a lot of meals that will make yours in and around Penn station stay better. You only need to have an idea of the ones that will satisfy you.

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Why New York City is Poised for a Real Estate Bounceback in 2021

Throughout 2020, New York City has been hit hard through various lockdowns and preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. Hope has been on the rise though through upcoming vaccines, and some of the project developments that have cropped up in the meantime. Take a look into just some of these projects opening up in New York City from 2021 and beyond.


More people than ever are coming to New York City to start fresh or take on a new job opportunity. The city is building around these people through various buildings like Sven, a 958-unit skyscraper built in Long Island City, or the easily affordable building opening up at the Astoria waterfront. For those living around the Bronx, many restaurants and shops are planning on opening up at the La Central residential complex in 2021. Make sure that you are always looking more into how New York City is building itself around the people that live in it.


While people have been spending 2020 working from home, businesses have been spending time reinventing their office spaces. JP Morgan Chase is choosing to move to 425 Park Avenue for their brand new tower, a home for many employees working out of the city. Developers around New York City understand the need for more restaurants for workers which is why the Manhattan West complex is planned to open up in 2021, a food hall including some of the most famous chefs and food brands around the city. Always look around and see how New York City is constantly becoming a better place for those working there.


New York City isn’t just a great city for those looking for a new job but for those interested in art as well. At the World Trade Center, the Perelman Performing Arts Center will be opening up for black creators looking to make their work known in theater, music, dance, and more. Architect David Adjaye has also been working with The Studio Museum in Harlem to construct a new building to hold all of their collections. Whether you are interested in some of the pre-existing venues or some of the new art establishments being built in New York City, you always have somewhere to visit no matter what art medium you’re interested in.

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NYC Restaurant Restrictions to Be Aware Of

Due to the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases, the government developed restrictions based on zones. NYC is implementing and adjusting restrictions for schools, businesses, schools, restaurants, and gatherings. There are three zones, namely red, orange, and yellow.

Red Zone Restrictions

Restaurants that are already in the red zone are not allowed to host customers. The only services that should be made available are takeout and delivery.

Orange Zone

All restaurants in New York areas placed in the orange zone can do deliveries, takeout, and allow customers for outdoor dining. However, there should be a maximum number of four people per table.

Yellow Zone

Restaurants in yellow-placed zones serve indoor and outdoor dining allowing a maximum number of four people per table. They can also provide delivery services and takeout.

Other Restaurant Restrictions

Apart from the above cutbacks, the government has put more measures to make all operations as safe as possible. They include:


Customers should not be allowed in the bar area seating. They should be restricted from sitting or standing side-by-side. Bar-area sittings were mainly used for congregational parties. As a result, they need to be closed. All alcohol sale services, including wine, beer, and spirits, should be prohibited after 10:00 pm.


Restaurants in the yellow and orange zones should not host more than 50% of the maximum occupancy. However, outdoor seating is not included in the maximum building occupancy.

All outdoor structures should not have more than two walls for ample ventilation. This applies to both temporary and permanent structures. Restaurants can also add and modify an outdoor liquor service while adhering to the licensing form rules.

Customer Log

Every restaurant should collect contact information, including name, email or phone number, and the time they were in the restaurant, from customers. This information should be kept for at least 30 days to make contact tracing easy if the need arises.

Menu and Payment

A menu is to be provided using one of the following options:

  • Single-use disposable menus
  • Display options on a board or sign
  • Reusable menus that are easy to disinfect
  • Digital menus – app or website service

The payment systems involved should be contactless.


These restrictions keep adjusting as there are changes in the progress of the virus. They are there for the safety of NYC people and to reduce its spread.

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Three New Restaurants that Opened in NYC this Year

Restaurants across the nation have suffered incalculable losses this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have had to alter their business models and switch to outdoor seating, delivery, or take-out to try to adjust to pandemic safety protocols. Many eateries have gone out of business, and countless numbers of restaurant workers have lost their jobs. The situation has been grim overall.

However, there has been some good news amidst all of the struggle. Some restaurateurs have persevered, and they have been able to open new dining establishments this year. New York City has seen a wave of new restaurants open their doors to a weary public, providing delicious food and a respite from home cooking just when New Yorkers need it most. Here are three new restaurants that opened in NYC this year:

1. Forever Yours Falafel: this is a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant located in Washington Heights. It bills itself as a “Hip Mediterranean to-go Falafel Bar NYC.” Previously known as Forever Coffee Bar, the eatery rebranded itself when the owner noticed a lack of plant-based restaurants in the neighborhood. Guests can order homemade falafel and jackfruit shawarma over quinoa from the takeout counter, or they can sit at one of the outdoor tables to dine al fresco. Enticing sides include hummus and baba ganoush.

2. Yellow Rose: after spending years as a pop-up restaurant, the delicious creation of two San Antonians has found a permanent home in the East Village. Yellow Rose specializes in Texas-influenced fare, including daily bean and cheese tacos served on homemade tortillas. Offerings such as specialty soups will rotate based on what is currently in-season. The drinks menu is especially tempting, including everything from Topo Chico to a Michelada Kit to iced hibiscus tea.

3. Mao Mao: the new restaurant Mao Mao centers around Thai drinking snacks, called kub klaem, and the atmosphere that exists when you indulge in such treats. Take a step back in time with this restaurant and enjoy classic Thai movies while eating street snacks including Thai-Chinese chive dumplings and crunchy fried red chilies. There is an extensive beer selection on tap, too. The two-story eatery evokes a bygone era in Thailand, with market lights and vintage décor.

It’s been a tough year. Show your support for a new restaurant and call for take-out soon!

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